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Our Brotherhood

Mission Statement

Here at the Delta Omega chapter of Sigma Chi, our mission is to inspire a brotherhood of young men dedicated to achieving academic excellence and making a positive impact in our community through philanthropy and involvement. Taking these action will ensure that we continue to develop leaders among men.


Pierce Petcoff


Biological Science Pre-Medicine

"I joined Sigma Chi for both the social aspect and the incredible alumni networking both in the Tulsa area and nationally. When I engaged with alumni during rush, I was fascinated by the fact that decades after their college years, the alumni would continue to proudly say "I am a sig" and not "I was a sig in college." This is when I realized that joining Sigma Chi is not a 4 year commitment throughout college, but rather a lifelong commitment to a family that will always support me."


Ethan Pfeiffer


Kinesiology Pre-Medicine

"I joined Sigma Chi because of the ability to develop myself as a leader. As early as my pledgeship, I was able to assume a leadership role within my pledge class which converted to a house position that next election cycle. This is where I realized that I didn't have to wait until I was an upperclassman to incite the positive change I desired to bring. The International Fraternity has provided me with countless opportunities to develop myself as a leader, and thanks to them, I now proudly serve as the chapter's President."


Yug Shah


Computer Information Systems

"I joined Sigma Chi because I recognized the unique opportunity to positively impact my community through service and philanthropy. Through Sigma Chi, I have had the opportunity to serve in leadership as the Chairman of the Philanthropy Committee, where I oversaw all philanthropic efforts, such as our annual Shave for the Cure and Derby Days that raised over $15,000 for the Huntsman Cancer Institute during the 2021-2022 school year."

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